Boredom Killer #546 Christmas Fails Edition!

Christmas Fails

Christmas has past but the pain still lingers on. Especially the bills..fu**ing bills..sigh. Enjoy these funny Christmas fails because we must laugh to keep from crying. Oh those bills ???

Waiting on those leftovers

Close enough

Santa you sick b***ard


Nice Try But At Least You Nailed The Look…

Who doesn’t want a pair of Steve Buscemi yoga pants ?

Bone Apple Tea

We still Love You Allison

This 8-year-old knows how to stuff a stocking

She’ll Grow Into It…I’m sure ?


Hey Derp That Goes On Your Head

So So So True

UPS ruining Xmas everywhere


Nailed It


Didn’t think this through did ya


Way too much eggnog Vodka Ladies.

It’s been real fellas. Time to start my day like…

Carpe Diem