Boredom Killer #547

Bored? We got you covered. Another day, another picture dump. Let’s get this sh*t show started fellas! Enjoy the scroll…


Good Morning Gents

Go Home Trash Can..You’re Drunk


Guess who’s sleeping on the couch

Just No


I Want To Meet The Woman Who Needs “Dick-Orette”

If You Applied You Deserve The Job

This Is What We Call College Art

Happy Hump Day

Just Keeping It Classy Eh Boys

This Guy = No F*cks Given At All

Yes Please

If A Girl Has This Brush – RUN

Did we mention it’s Hump Day?

Bottoms Up

Philips is pushing some serious stuff


Just Facts Folks. So Drink Up.

This why I don’t play 7ex games. Things can get out of hand quick.

We hope you enjoyed the scroll mates.

Now it’s time for me to make my exit like…

Carpe Diem