US boxer Roy Jones Jr. asks Vladimir Putin for Russian citizenship (2)

It looks like Roy Jones is following in the footsteps of Dennis Rodman by spreading diplomacy. North Korea has Dennis and if Roy Jones Jr. has anything to say about it; he will soon be a Russian citizen. The former world boxing champion has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for Russian citizenship while sipping tea and talking shop. The meeting which took place in Crimea, was set up because the 46 year old Jones will be performing later this weekend in the annexed state.  He will probably be singing or rapping and we here in the states send our apologies to Crimea in advance. His performance aside, Roy sat with Putin and said to  him:

“I want to ask you about maybe having a passport to go back and forth so that I can do business here. Because all the people here seem to love Roy Jones Jr. And I love when people love me.”

US boxer Roy Jones Jr. asks Vladimir Putin for Russian citizenship (1)

To which Putin said – I feel you dog, I love when people love me too.  No putin didn’t actually say this, however Roy did actually say he loves when people love him.  That sad statement alone should gain him his citizenship if you ask me. Putin did respond by saying, “we would certainly be happy” to grant the former light heavyweight champion a passport. Jones hopes to “build a bridge” between our two countries. I am just wondering what old sports icon we can send to Iran.

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