Brave Woman Gets Up Close And Personal With Massive Lynx

I was waiting for this video to go south but luckily it didn’t. Cats can go from playing to aggressive in a heartbeat. So I could only imagine the damage a wild Lynx would cause. The uploader, Wildlife Bernie, had this to say about the video:

“Please know that when he paws my face or head, his claws are not out. They were out once when he snag my jacket. Max loves to mouth my hand and I try to deter that behavior but he has to try and that’s why he keeps reaching for my hands with his paws. I attempt to distract him with commands like “face” in which if he quiets & gives me his face, he gets a good loving scratching. Listen to him purr through the whole video. Max has a pancreas disorder and requires enzymes on his food for the rest of his life. And yes, he offers me his butte all the time and insists that I pat him with a good boy pat on it.”