Bring On The Waterworks: Acting Coach Breaks Down 10 Crying Scenes (Video)

Acting coach Jonna Johnson reacts to 10 iconic crying scenes from movies, reviewing the highs and lows of the actors’ performances.
Every movie star has their own cry face, from Daniel Kaluuya’s thick tears in the sunken-place scene from “Get Out” to Tobey Maguire’s signature “ugly cry” from the “Spider-Man” movies. When it’s time for the tears to roll on camera, some actors go for a single droplet strategically placed on the cheek, while others like to unleash the full waterworks. Some draw in the audience by emoting hard, like Julianne Moore does with her unbridled sobbing in “Still Alice;” others tell a story through subtle facial movements, as Jennifer Lopez does in a teary confrontation scene from “Hustlers.”

With such a wide variety of crying styles, what makes some sob scenes pack an emotional punch — while others strike audiences as goofy or overdone?