Can A Sticker Detect Sexual Assault? That Is One Researcher’s Hope.

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Technology knows no bounds.

Manisha Mohan, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, created the Intrepid, a “smart sticker” that attaches to any piece of clothing. The Intrepid can sense when a person is being undressed and then message the wearer to see if the action was consensual. The wearable tech has an accompanying mobile app to manage settings.

If there’s no response in 30 seconds, an alarm sounds. After another 20 seconds, it messages up to five pre-selected contacts with the user’s location and calls one contact and records the audio for evidence that could later be used in court or with police.

The design was based on input from hundreds of people, including sexual assault survivors.

Mohan hopes that this device can stop sexual assaults before they happen.