Can Anyone Defeat Cris Cyborg or Deontay Wilder?


Cris Cyborg wins again


Brazil’s Cris Cyborg defended her UFC title for the second time this weekend. The 32  year-old has shown that even without steroids she is the strongest MMA fighter out there. Yana, who took the fight on short notice, put up a good fight but didn’t stand a chance against Cyborg. Cyborg landed several right hands knocking out Yana in the first round.  Check out these highlights below.


In other fight news, The Bronze Bomber Deontay Wilder is now 40-0 in his boxing career. The WBC Heavyweight World Champion knocked out Luis Ortiz this weekend in an exciting brawl. Ortiz took several hits that brought him to the ground and ultimately ended the fight in round 10. Check out the end of this battle below.


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