Cat Stops Toddler From Taking A Tumble Down The Stairs.

The cat in this video is being hailed as a hero for seemingly stopping a toddler from going towards the stairs. Read more below:

A security camera captured the moment an adopted household Cat saved a one-year-old baby from falling down a steep flight of stairs.

Gatubela, the Siamese Cat isn’t just looking out for her own nine lives.

In a video captured by an office security camera in Bogota, Colombia on October 31, one-year-old baby Samuel León can be seen crawling around outside of his crib, when suddenly the little baby began heading for the doorway which immediately led to a steep flight of stairs.

Springing into action, Gatubela pounced on the boy, and forcefully pushed him back from the 12-step stairwell and the horrific incident that would have followed.

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