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Take A Look At 36 Homemade Guns


These weapons are interesting to look at but I definitely wouldn’t want to have to rely on one. Check out  36 guns made at home.

Check Out This Flash Bang Test!

  A Flash bang is is a non-lethal explosive device used to temporarily disorient an enemy’s senses.  That being said, I wouldn’t want this thing to fall...

TBT: Old Dude Launching Bowling Balls

This looks like hella fun.  Watch this dude send some Bowling Balls sky high.  Now I just wonder what they came down on?

This Is How An AK-47 Works

  You just pull the trigger and it goes pew-pew-pew.  Yeah, but there’s a little bit more to the process…   A 3D animation created in Cinema 4D and...

Check Out This Foldable Bulletproof Shield

      Info: This foldable bulletproof shield was created by Brigham Young University engineering professors. It could one day help protect cops against...