Category - Fail Videos

Attempted Bike Theft Caught In The Act

  Another idiot thief attempting to take something that doesn’t belong to him. Fortunately, the owner was inside and motion sensors he has installed in his...

Moving A Swimming Pool FAIL

Pure comedy. Watch as these dimwits attempt to lift a swimming pool from the backyard and end up damaging the roof of their house.

Enjoy This Video Blend Of At Work Fails

Work can suck. It can suck even more if you’re an idiot. Check out some unlucky and stupid on the job fails in the compilation video below:

The Great Escape – NOT!

This woman falls through the ceiling of a store while trying to escape authorities. She’s definitely watched one too may Mission Impossible movies.

Cleaning Up A Flood With A Bucket!

  This guy gets an ‘A’ for effort and an ‘F’ for common sense. A man tries to drain a flood by using a bucket in vain. He doesn’t...

Car Wash FAIL! Woman Slips During Car Show!

  Car enthusiasts got more than they bargained for during a car wash demonstration. What should have been an enjoyable bikini car wash turned into a medical...