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boxer loses while wearing America 1st trunks with border wall printed on them

Ouch: Boxer Wearing “America 1st” Trunks Gets Whooped By Mexican Fighter (Video)

Lyft Driver Refuses Service Because He “Can’t Make $6 An Hour”

Drone Fail

Russia’s First Mail Drone Was A Massive Dud!

Youtube Shooter Nasim Aghdam Had Some Pretty Odd Videos On Her Channel.

funny Instagram picture fails

All For The Gram 📷

A Masterpiece Compilation Of Skate Bails

Idiot Of The Day: Dude Steals 5 Sandwiches

Extreme Hitchhiking: Just Stand In Front Of Cars On The Highway And See What Happens ಠ_ಠ

punk kid

Asking Security “Do You Know What My Dad Does?”, Is Douche Code For Please Punch Me In The Face!

workout fail video

Working Out Doesn’t Always Work Out (Video)

LOL: Idiot Wear See-Through Plastic Bag While Going On Crime Spree!

Trying To Get That Perfect Wedding Picture Can Be Dangerous. Example….

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