Celebrity News Blend: Kylie Jenner, Jordan Peele, And Kevin Hart.

Enjoy a quick celebrity blend of entertainment stories making the news today.


Kylie Jenner has ushered in a new generation of Jenner/Kardashians with the birth of her daughter.  She posted an announcement video on her Youtube channel after going silent on her social media for the last 9 months. Check it out below:




The Emoji Movie is universally considered one of the worst movies of 2017. It was also the driving force behind Jordan Peele’s decision to quit acting.

Peele was offered the voice role of Poop in the animated movie. He asked his agent if he could think about it over night. The next day he found out the role went to Sir Patrick Stewart. He said that was enough to make him jump to directing.





Philadelphia funny man Kevin Hart was euphoric over his teams win on Super Bowl Sunday. Unfortunately for him,  Security wouldn’t let the comedian onto the stage to celebrate. See the clip below: