Check Out 5 Hot & Tattooed Instagram Models You Should Be Following! ?

Today’s Top 5 Tattooed Instagram Models

Love a little ink? If so then these five beauties are sure to float your boat. Check out some tattooed Instagram models who aren’t afraid to show a little lot of skin.

First up we have the beautiful blonde bombshell Samii Ryan! With or without tattoos she would be a stunner. The ink just gives her a little more edge.



Next we travel to Sardegna for the exotic Felisja Piana! Currently based out of Italy this beautiful tattooed model stops traffic wherever she goes. Don’t let the crazy hair distract you from those eyes and that BODY!




Sliding into third we have the killer looks of tatted up Madame Zombie. If the undead were this sexy, people would line up to be bitten.


If you love dark hair and light eyes then hold on to your seat. Sydney, Australia’s own Cloe Raven is about to knock your socks off. The tattoos on her skin are mere additions to this beauties overall look.



Last but not least we have a tattoo model who made an amazing physical transformation. Check out the lovely inked Nikki Nichole!


Hope you enjoyed the scroll blenders. Catch you next time.