Check Out An Airplane-Shaped Bag That Sells For More Than Some Actual Planes (Video)


Louis Vuitton sells a $39,000 bag shaped like an airplane. If you want to remove any doubt that you are a rich fool, head over to their store and give your black card a swipey.

Designed by Louis Vuitton’s menswear artistic director, Virgil Abloh, as part of this year’s men’s collection, this airplane-shaped handbag recently went viral for allegedly costing more than a used, single-engine airplane.

Virgil Abloh’s collections have always divided critics and fashion fans, with the main critique being that he overloads his creations with a bunch of ideas and concepts, and his latest one is no different. Unveiled in January, LV’s Fall/Winter 2021 men’s collection featured a variety of over-the-top ideas, including clothes inspired by famous architecture and popular landmarks. But what really caught people’s eye on the internet recently was an airplane-shaped handbag featuring Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram, and a spicy price tag – $39,000.

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