Check Out Dad’s Superman Dive To Save Son

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Beautiful Sunday afternoon June 23rd, 2019, hanging out by the pool with the family, my wife and daughter were inside the pool while I relaxed with my brother beside it on the patio, my son took off running through the baby gate after a ball that was floating in the water. Thankfully, we were all paying attention the second that my son reached for the ball he fell into the pool and right at that second without even thinking I immediately jumped out of my seat and dove over the 4 foot baby gate to rescue him. Had we have been distracted by something (making food on the grill, looking on our phone, etc….) and the baby gate not latched like it should have been, this situation could have been really bad. Fortunately, we did have our eyes on our son 100% during this accident and saw it happen and I was able to react as quickly as I did but just goes to show how not having that gate closed at all times could have resulted in a horrible tragedy that could have been prevented.”