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The site has a scoreboard with a counter and the caption “This is how much Jeff Bezos has earned since you opened this page.”

Texas-based programmer Alvaro Montoro has developed an online calculator that calculates how much Amazon founder Jeff Bezos makes in real time. The developer told about this on the portal.

The site contains a scoreboard with an updated amount and the signature “This is how much Jeff Bezos has earned since the moment you opened the page.” In addition, notifications appear in which a businessman’s earnings are compared, for example, with the minimum annual salary of a US citizen ($ 15,000 in 4 seconds), with the average salary of 99% of the country’s population ($ 320,000 in 88 seconds), with the annual salary of the President of the United States ($ 400 thousand in 110 seconds) and with the average cost of an apartment in Manhattan ($ 916 thousand in 254 seconds).

The calculations are based on data from Bloomberg and  BuzzFeed articles , which indicate that Bezos earned $ 56.7 billion in 2020 – $ 311 million per day or $ 3605 per second.

According to Forbes and  Bloomberg , Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. He held this title from 2017 until Elon Musk bypassed him in January. However, now Bezos’s fortune, according to various estimates, is either $ 177 billion or $ 197 billion, and the founder of Tesla and SpaceX is ranked second in the ranking of billionaires.


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