Check Out This Micro Pit Bull Worth $75,000

I didn’t even know “micro pit bulls” were a thing until I watched this video.

FORGET Pugs, Pomeranians or Chihuahuas – the rich and famous could soon be carrying a PIT BULL in their Gucci handbags. A new breed of “micro pit bulls” is rapidly becoming the must-have canine companion in the world of designer dogs.

John Truitt, 30, from Long Beach in California, runs The Collectibulls, a company which breeds, trains, and sells ‘bullies’ to customers around the world, and is a leading advocate for the breed.

His signature dog is Queen Califia, a 12-inch-high “micro pit bull” who has been valued at over $75,000. Regular pygmy pit bulls sell for anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000, with interest coming from as far afield as Italy, China and Australia.

Learn more about this unique breed in the video below: