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Goat has a dance party on Cow’s back-


Most Dangerous Drug In The Country-

Cool trick to keep your pet still during bath-


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Daughter recounts her dad’s moving and unexpected friendship with Charles Barkley – WBUR

Amber Rose misses stripping..Say Whay?!? – Money and Hip Hop

Einstein’s most effective life hack wasn’t about productivity – Quartz

How to Be Excellent (or at Least Pretty Good) at Meeting People Without Dating Apps – The Cut

How to Learn to Love Healthy Food (Even If You’re a Picky Eater) – Life Hacker

A 37-year-old, 45-year-old, and 88-year-old on their quarter- and midlife crises – Business Insider

One VS Five fight – Thrill Blender

How to turn small talk into smart conversation – Ideas

The Dirty Secret of Elite College Admissions – Medium

What It’s Like to Date as a Sex Worker – VICE

Over $500,000 spills from armored truck, and $300K of it is missing – Autoblog

9 Rituals That Will Make You An Amazing Parent – Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Abolish Welfare Mentality: Janitor Makes $271,000, Why Can’t You Too? – Financial Samurai

In Defense of Heterosexual Men Who Refuse to Date Transsexuals – Brass Pills

The power of compounding: How your wealth snowball grows with time – Get Rich Slowly

How To Tell If Someone Is Truly Smart Or Just Average – Medium

Best Twerk Videos Today – Thrill Blender

How to Make Yourself Work When You Just Don’t Want To – HBR

How the 0.001% invest – Economist

My 15-Year-Old Daughter Told Me She’s Pansexual and Dating a TransgenderBoy. I’m Struggling – NY Times

HQ Trivia And Vine Co-Founder Colin Kroll Dies, Apparently Of Overdose – Fox News

How A Decade Of The Drug War Turned Mexico Into A Burial Ground – The Intercept

Hot Girls With Tattoos Rock – Thrill Blender

Which Jokes Comedians Would Steal If They Could Get Away With It – Vulture

Megachurch pastor struggles to defend $200,000 Lamborghini purchase – Boing Boing

Instagram famous, 20-year-old fitness blogger hasn’t shaved her body in over a year – i-D