Close Call As Woman Avoids Being Hit By Falling Chainsaw!

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There had already been a few near misses, so I didn’t have a lot of confidence that the contractor knew what he was doing. He looked like he was in over his head.

Just before the video starts, his chainsaw gets stuck, and he calls out to his colleague on the ground to come help. As she’s carrying something up to him, the half-sawn branch gives way. The ensuing chaos of falling chainsaws and rickety ladders is right out of Final Destination. There’s almost too much mortal danger to catch it all. The woman is hit by the falling chainsaw. The falling branch just misses her and the overhead power lines. The branch swings into a second ladder, and the two strike the man with enough force to send his safety helmet flying. Finally, the woman falls almost 10’ with some kind of tool in her mouth.

Incredibly, there were no injuries.