Close Call: Livestreamer Nearly Has His Hand Chomped Off By Alligator!


When you want to get the perfect shot more than you want to keep all your limbs. This video sums up society today. Everyone is so interested in getting footage that safety becomes secondary.


A livestreamer trying to get the perfect snap almost had his hand bitten off by a 12-foot-long alligator. As Jay Young and Charles Wieand filmed for The Wild Charles Show at the Colorado Gator Farm, USA, they were in with a 900lb gator called Bruce Almighty. As part of their educational video at the beginning of May, Jay – owner of the rescue centre – followed the huge beast around with a selfie stick filming up close. Suddenly the 22-year-old reptile flicks its surprisingly flexible body back and tries to bite down on Jay’s hand who fortunately manages to move at the last second.


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