Fail: There Comes A Point When You Have To Realize You’re Not Cut Out For The Job

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funny bar spill fail

A clumsy Irish barman is going viral because of his ability to pour a drink – on the floor. The waiter has gone viral after footage of him spilling two trays of beer in hilarious circumstances were posted online. We can understand that carrying a tray with pints of beer filled to the brim is no easy task but when that’s your job, you gotta make sure to get the drinks to the table. The waiter, named only as Ciaran in the videos posted to the bar’s Facebook page, was evidently rushed off his feet.

Even so, he should have been extra careful:

Unfortunately his bad luck streak didn’t end with that massive spill. Loaded up with eight more heavy pints of beer, Ciaran manages to get as far as the customer’s table before things unravel in sensational form.

Poor dude could probably use a drink, now if only he can get a beer mug to his mouth without spilling it all over his clothes.