Police Try And Detain Man On Drugs At McDonalds

Police Detain Man On Drugs At McDonalds

The officers in this video had their work cut out for them. The Riverdale Maryland  police were called out to a McDonalds franchise for an unruly customer. When they arrived at the Mickey D’s they came in contact with a man so high out of his mind that tasers and pepper spray couldn’t get him to comply. Here is what the man who recorded the incident had to say about the whole thing:

When the police arrive, he was ordered on the ground and I knew right there, to take out my phone and start recording. During the moment i had forgotten to turn my phone sideways which is why its at that angle so i do apologize for that. After he was detained, his legs were soon in cuffs and had a human muzzle it seemed like because he was still shouting and screaming. The ambulance arrived probably about 2 or 3 mins later after he was detained. He was then transported to a DC hospital. After all, he was tased 3 times, maced about 4 times, hit with the baton twice, tackled to the wall, and almost had his arm broken when being detained. Throughout the whole incident, this man showed NO sign of giving up and was resisting arrest. It seemed clear after being tased for the first time that this man WAS ON DRUGS. Most likely PCP. I commend the officers for stopping him before he could hurt someone and danger the public.

Check out the video below:

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