Motorcycle POV crash Columbus Ohio

Motorcycle POV crash

Motorcycle riders beware. You are riding around on a death trap. Ok not entirely but if you are not careful in your decision making you could be in for a world of hurt and pain. Luckily the rider in this video is ok. It’s best to let him describe the situation:

“Look guys, i know i made a poor judgement call about entering the intersection, but taken from my perspective, i was well on my way of crossing in front of his car before he started moving, I was also creating a lot of noise when i was holding my clutch a bit then all the way to revv my engine and make myself heard. even the other guys saw me, this guy just pulled forward at the last second, and i was unable to move any more or stop. neither I nor the other driver was cited, due to the situation. Im just trying to be honest about the whole thing. he shouldve been paying attention and maybe i should just turned right…, but hey, hindsight’s 20/20 tho right? if i wouldve know he was gonna start moving, i wouldnt have attempted what i did”

What do you think? Check out the motorcycle crash video below: