Crazy Lyft Drivers Won’t Drop Passenger Off After Being Asked (Video)

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These ridesharing companies will let anyone get behind the wheel. The latest nut-job interaction comes courtesy of a (former) Lyft driver. Watch the interaction above and read the uploader’s statement below:


An unprecedented experience. Never had a Lyft ride like this…

1. Right from the start, it was pretty clear there was something “off” with this driver. He had a bad attitude — which, sure, people are all permitted to have I guess on a bad day — but when I was discussing the difficulty in finding him during the pickup, he snapped, “I don’t use the phone. I only text. That way I have a written record of everything with all my passengers. No he said/she said.” So, clearly, this person has had a long history of difficult interactions with his passengers. Michael stated that he was clearly watching Karl and I wander around the hotel valet lanes and front parking area as we repeatedly tried to reach him, even while rejecting our calls.

2. As we approached the convention center, Michael complained that traffic was very heavy. I inquired as to whether or not it would be feasible for him to stop somewhere before the planned destination so we could get out sooner and he wouldn’t have to sit in the non moving traffic. That really set him off. That is when the cursing started and that is when I started recording him, for our safety.

3. In between calling us assholes, using the F word at us repeatedly, and threatening to “have [my] Lyft account terminated” Michael also turned his radio up to full volume when I asked him what he was thinking.

4. Cherry on top: after it was clear that something was disturbed about this individual, I requested that he pull over to the nearest safe driveway entrance (approximately 10 yards in front of us) so that we could immediately leave his vehicle. He explicitly refused and said that he was in no way going to allow us to exit his vehicle until he decided he wanted us to.

Now, let’s be clear… Karl and I both know how to handle ourselves. And it wouldn’t take much to get the bulge on a tub like this guy, as the expression goes. But supposing I wasn’t a 40-something white guy. What if I was a small woman? What if I was a woman traveling alone?