Crazy Theory Or Not? Joe Rogan Shares Wild Rumor He Heard About Jon Bones Jones Failed Drug Test.

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The  podcast is a great listen but if you don’t have 2 fu**ing hours to kill then here is the gist:


“You want to know the craziest fucking rumor that I heard?” Rogan told former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub on the show. “I can’t tell you who told me this. This is the craziest one.”

“The stuff that [Jon Jones] tested positive for takes a long time to get out of your system, right? You know where else you find that stuff? You find it in creatine. When they get creatine, sometimes from China, it’s tainted with steroids. They use that creatine to cut cocaine.”

“One of the things they cut some cocaine with is creatine, because it looks like cocaine. So if he was partying: ‘Jon, you want to do a bump, it’s really good stuff’… ‘Hey man, I can’t test positive for anything’… ‘It’s just coke bro, it’s not even cut!”

“He had a birthday about 10 days out from the fight,”


Do you guys think cocaine use could have caused the positive test result?