Crowdsourcing Romance? One CEO Is Offering $10,000 For A Chance At Love!



Joseph Cohen


Joe Cohen is willing to do anything for love, even trust random internet surfers.  Cohen is the CEO of a California based company called SelfHacked and he is in the market for a girlfriend. But he isn’t hitting up the traditional bar scene. Instead, Joe is offering $10,000 to whoever points him in the right direction!  We guess he never heard of this free app called Tinder?  Check out the terms and conditions of his offer below:



h/t: SelfHacked/Faceboo


Why would a young, successful 30-year-old dude put himself at the mercy of the internet? Well, according to Joe;  “If you ask around, most women meet guys through social circles, school, or work. The problem is, as I mentioned, my social circles in southern California are limited, I’m not in school, and it’s not a good practice to date your employees,”.

h/t: SelfHacked/Facebook

We are all in agreement for finding love but would you offer up $10k?    Cohen had this to say about the money, “Compared to the value of a long-term companion, $10,000 is relatively little. In terms of ROI, it’ll probably be the best investment of my life.”  We wish you luck bro, let us know how the whole thing turns out.