Curing The “Bubble Butt” Blues 🍑

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We love getting correspondence from our readers. We sift through submissions, products, and the occasional rant daily. We aren’t Dear Abby but we will do our best to help when a blender reaches out. Like the poor schmuck who sent us the email below:


I miss my bubble booty email

Thrill Blender,

My girl just walked out on me. She said I work to much and don’t spend enough time with her. I understand but then again how the hell does she expect me to make money?!?! I’m gonna miss her cooking and keeping the apartment tidy but I could deal with that. A little take out and a maid will solve that.  

My problem is – that ass. Her bubble butt was amazing. I use to cuddle it daily. They don’t make booty like hers. It was 100% real and phat as f—. What am I supposed to do?


Missing My Bubble Butt

tl;dr  – his girl left and he misses the booty.


We feel your pain. That being said, we aren’t relationship counselors. Any advice we give would probably make matters worse. So we can just show you that there are more fish in the sea…or more buns for your patty (IDK). You get the point. Scroll below and enjoy the bubble butts or enjoy some big black ass pics (we don’t know what you’re really into). We are sure you will find an adequate replacement in due time. Just hold on.








































We hope these bubble butts helped bro.


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