Dan Bilzerian: Who is the man behind the Instagram?


He is the man who first caught the attention of the world in a 5 second clip at the World Poker series in 2013. Dan Bilzerian has since gone on to become the envy of many males out there. Continuously surrounded by a heady cocktail of models, booze and money, Bilzerian looks to have it all. His 16 million Instagram followers would testify to his unbelievably flashy lifestyle, which includes a gun collection that would make the military green with envy. However, is there more to Dan Bilzerian than his extravagant facade. Who is the man behind the Instagram?

Bilzerian, or Blitzy, has long been a well-known face in the world of gambling. We don’t mean new casinos online. Far from flashing the cash at online betting places, Bilzerian prefers the hype of live high-stakes poker. He has been known to place 8 figure bets. Many have speculated on where this huge fortune has come from. Although he touts himself as a venture capitalist, it is likely that much of Bilzerian’s fortune comes from family money.


This is where things get interesting. The man comes from a family of geniuses and grew up in an 11 bedroom mansion. To say that he was raised in the lap of luxury is an understatement. However, not all aspects of his life were rosy. His father, Bilzerian Snr was convicted on 9 counts of stock and tax fraud. Paul Bilzerian subsequently went to prison, leaving his son to face ridicule from classmates. 2 expulsions later and his father was released. However, upon producing a machine gun at his new Utah school, Dan Bilzerian was not only asked to leave the school but also the state of Utah. It’s clear that behaviour free from moral and legal limits has long been a factor in the Instagram star’s life.


Of the $62 million judgement against him, Bilzerian Snr has paid just $3.7 million. Could it be that the rest of the cash is now being used to purchase his son’s own personal artillery collection and a constant flow of topless beauties? Dan looks to be constantly surrounded by beautiful women, despite many legal battles being lodged against him for violent behaviour. It is claimed that he once kicked a women in the face at a Miami nightclub. Yet, his devil may care attitude endures.


Dan Bilzerian certainly seems to have it all. However, many have claimed that despite his image as high stakes poker player, he is nowhere near top of the tree. Others also claim that much of his image is cultivated through rented cars, rented homes and private jets lent to him by wealthy friends. Is he yet another example of social media’s ability to filter the truth? We’d certainly put a wager on it. Just not an 8 figure one.

Right where I’m supposed to be – Dan Bilzerian

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