Death is imminent: College Student Chugs Entire Bottle of Vodka


This kid is living that Chug Life. It’s going to be a short life but he is living it. Poor liver.

The event took place at an Arizona State University house party in Tempe. I took a bet with a friend that I could chug a full bottle of Ciroc for 5 bucks and there was no way I was backing down. I immediately began chugging water to flush my system and later that night it came down to it and I successfully chugged the bottle in one drink and made my 5 bucks. I didn’t throw up or black out. No deaths occurred in the making of the video. I survived by drinking as much water as possible after to push all the alcohol out of my system. Would I do it again? Of course cause I had a blast that night

This kid looks like he is barely pushing 16?  Puffy you see what you started.