Developer Creates Third Eye So You Can Stare At You Cell Like A Zombie While Walking Safely.

third eye project

We are so addicted to technology that this is what we have come to 😂

“Industrial design student Minwook Paeng has created a robotic Third Eye that is fixed to the forehead and looks out for obstacles when the wearer’s real eyes are glued to their smartphone.”


ridiculous third eye project

Paeng’s Third eye consists of a translucent plastic case that is fixed directly to the wearer’s forehead with a thin gel pad. Inside this plastic eye are a small speaker, a gyroscopic sensor and a sonar sensor. When the gyroscope detects when the user’s head is angled down, it opens the eye’s plastic eyelid and the sonar starts to monitor the area in front of the user. When it detects an obstacle, it warns the wearer via the connected speaker. I want to say this is absolutely ridiculous but if you ever been outside then you realize how many people are staring at their phones instead of looking straight ahead. So Paeng is just fulfilling a market need.

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