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We have a video below which may reduce your I.Q. by a couple of points. In this video a drunk young man  voluntarily let’s his “friends” set him on fire?!  Watch the video and check out the details after:



It was the night Johno Holten has lived to regret, through many hours of agonising skin grafts.
On an alcohol-fuelled night almost two months ago, he thought it would be harmless to spray himself with deodorant and methylated spirits and have his mates set him alight.
Dressed only in his underpants, he tempted fate by encouraging his mates to light up his leg, which he’d sprayed with deodorant.
At first, the party-goers find the incident funny but that soon changes as they realise they have turned their friend into a human fireball.
The teenager from Sydney’s northern beaches admitted to Daily Mail Australia he has learned a painful lesson and blamed no one but himself, after he suffered third degree burns to half his body.

He struggled to remember all the details from that night but revealed that some at the party did tell him that ‘it was a bad idea’, when he started by spraying his leg with deodorant and lighting it up.
The teenager recounted the night’s events: ‘I was having pre-drinks at my mate’s house and then we came to the party.’
‘I had vodka mixed with solo, not sure how much was in the bottle,’ he admitted.
‘And then I went to the party and had about four more beers.
‘There were about 15 people at the party but half of them left around 10ish.’
Mr Holten admitted after talking with some of his friends he ‘passed out in the cubby house for about an hour’ and it was when he woke up the real trouble started.

Despite claims that he was dared as part of a dangerous new craze which has taken hold in the US, the so-called “Fire Challenge”, where people have filmed themselves pouring flammable liquid onto their bodies and then lighting themselves up, Johno Holten said it was really nothing more than an alcohol inspired plan.
‘We had a bonfire going and that gave me an idea as soon as I got up, to set me alight,’ he admitted.

‘So we were playing around with my hat on the fire first and putting it back on my head.
The mobile phone footage taken by his friends shows how the prank quickly escalated and got out of hand.
‘Then about 15 minutes after we sprayed menthylated sprits on my back,’ he said.
The other partygoers watch as Johno first runs around and then throws himself on the grass as the fire spreads from his shoulders, quickly down his back.
Laughs turned to panic, he admitted, as friends tried to find something with which to put the fire out as it engulfed his underwear.
In the video, the voice of his mate can be heard saying: ‘Dude, step back…’ then audible gasps and groans from those watching, before Johno can be heard screaming and yelling ‘get it off’.
Mr Holten sustained excessive burns to almost half his body and was rushed by ambulance to Royal North Shore Hospital in a serious but stable condition.
‘I’m not really sure what happened after that, to be honest,’ he added because of the considerable pain.
His friends were left to answer questions by police, with one taken into custody before being released without charge.

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