Meek disses Drake again

The saga continues and Meek is not raising the white flag yet. He wants to let it be known that he is not done. Check out the quote from one of his latest instagram pictures:

Real vs the fake…… It’s bigger than me! #war

He also took some time out of a recent performance to drop a drake freestyle diss that you can hear in the video below.

“Wayne don’t f**k with you, Stunna don’t f**k with you, Tyga don’t f**k with you,”

Rumors have been running rampant about talk of gun play but hip-hop doesn’t need that b.s. This beef should (we hope) remain strictly on wax.  In the second video, Meek addressed Drake further.

“Kendrick came at you. You ain’t reply back. Pusha came at you. You ain’t reply back. Why’s that?” He then added, “If you ain’t write that ‘Running Through the 6’ sh*t, tell me who the f*** was Quentin [Miller] running through the 6 with?”

The book isn’t closed on this fued although popular opinion is that Drake has won. What do you think about the beef? Is it a closed casket or can Meek pull out a miracle and does being “real” even matter anymore?


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Meek disses Drake again

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