The short guy in the picture above is John Soibatian, Prez of IO Hawk. IO Hawk manufactures and markets these “Intelligent Personal Transporters” a.k.a ‘hoverboards’ (even though they aren’t). That’s all fine and dandy except for the fact that billionaire, businessman, and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks,  Mark Cuban, has partnered with the guy who owns the patent to the device. Cuban has gone on record stating that he plans on suing everyone who markets a knockoff. Since Mark has the resources  to follow through on that threat, I wouldn’t mess around with the guy. But that’s exactly what John did when he took a picture posing with JaVale McGee. You see, JaVale was just signed as the center for the Dallas Mavericks, Mark’s franchise. Adding insult to injury John then tweeted directly at Mark Cuban. Just in case you’re wondering, Mark’s net worth is around 3 BILLION dollars, so yeah he has the resources to go to war.

@mcuban Let us know when you want yours, we would come out and meet you

Ballsy move. Mark’s response was simple and to the point:


Gotta love the hashtag #PAYME

Hoverboards are sure to be the hottest holiday item, so this is gonna be a big money fight. Check out some stars rocking their boards below:

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