Driver Ejected During High Speed Police Chase

Idaho State Police released video of a high-speed pursuit and dramatic crash captured by a trooper’s dash camera. The incident began the evening of April 9, 2015, when a Boise Police officer attempted to pull over 33-year-old Jose Manuel Sanchez pickup truck near Chinden Boulevard and Veterans Memorial Parkway. Sanchez pulled over for a moment before turning the pickup around and using his vehicle to ram the police cruiser, pinning the officer’s leg in the door. The suspect sped away as the injured officer called for backup from Boise Police and other agencies. Police say Sanchez fled across Boise, eventually getting onto eastbound I-84 with Idaho State Police and other law enforcement officers in pursuit.

Troopers tailed Sanchez into Elmore County, where he lost control of his pickup around milepost 84. In the video, the pickup can be seen drifting into the median and almost into oncoming traffic before swerving back onto the highway and off the right shoulder. The vehicle rolled, launching a tire and Sanchez – who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt – into the air in a cloud of dust. The driver ran away from the wreckage, cutting across the interstate with Trooper Kenny Walker chasing behind him. Although not shown on the video, ISP says Sanchez resisted arrest when Walker caught up to him in the median. Both men were struggling on the ground when a pair of passersby pulled over and jumped into the fray.