Drug Dealer Arrested After He Accidentally Hops Into A Cop Car

Drug Dealer Arrested After He Accidentally Hops Into A Cop Car


Dumb Drug Dealer Mistakes Taxi For Police Car During Escape


Some criminals are so dumb. Copenhagen police had an easy night on Christmas when a drug dealer just hopped right into their car. Danish officers said, “a cannabis dealer from Christiania who wanted to get home quickly got into a taxi. He received a big surprise when he realized it was actually a police car he was sitting in.”



I guess it’s not everyday that someone willingly hops in a police car so the man was questioned and searched. Police then found that the man was carrying about 1,000 marijuana joints. The sale of cannabis is illegal in Denmark, however the neighborhood of Christiania has become famous for its liberal attitude towards the drug and police are cracking down on the district’s illegal trade. Police conducted a number of raids in recent weeks, clearing more than 40 cannabis stalls on the aptly named Pusher Street.


And where does all this illegal Mary Jane go? Well in Germany they burn police confiscated marijuana to fuel a power plant that heats homes.




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