Drunk Refused Entry Into Club. Ploughs His Car Into Establishment As Revenge!


Some scumbags can’t take no for an answer and then they harm innocent people because of their feelings of entitlement. This is the video of one such idiot.

Mohammed Abdul is at the wheel of the Suzuki Vitara which can be seen careering down an alleyway towards a marquee at the rear of Blake’s nightclub in Gravesend, Kent. Desperate staff can be seen trying to stop the Vitara as it careers through closed metal gates and into a smoking area. One doorman hits the windscreen before sliding off to the side, spinning against a wall and then landing on his feet before he chases the car. Clubbers can be seen diving to safety, with one young woman who has fallen to the ground and in the car’s direct path being dragged to safety in the nick of time. The footage then switches to the marquee, which as well as the chequered dancefloor has a DJ booth, bar, toilets and sofas.