This Festival Literally Turns Into A Sh💩t Show

The village of Gumatapura became the site of a massive cow dung fight on Wednesday, as locals celebrated the day-long Gore Habba festival that takes place every year after Deepavali.

Villagers smeared themselves with cow’s excrement, previously collected and piled up, and proceeded to throw it at each other.

Prabhu, one of the devotees, explained that this faecal festival dates back his great grandfather’s period.

He went on to say that “cow dung is very natural and has a lot of medicinal benefits 🤔. Others might say if we throw cow dung at each other we will get some infections or even some disease. But with the trust of our god Beereshwara, we are playing in the cow dung, so nothing happens to us and if we have any health issues that will be cured.”