Full auto battery shooting air gun 600 rounds per minute

Full auto battery shooting air gun 600 rounds per minute

Watch as this dude showcases  a Full Auto Battery Firing PVC Air Gun that shoots a claimed 600 Rounds Per Minute. And the speed of the Batteries is a claimed 200 Feet Per Second. This is pretty awesome and as you will see, the creator is overjoyed with his masterpiece. He is like an evil genius when he starts lauging at the guns successful discharge.  Check out what he had to say about his creation:

  •    In this video i demonstrate that my air gun is able to shoot 600 rounds per minute.
  •  The batteries come out at around 200 feet per second.
  •  The rod sticking out of the mag is a guide rod for the follower & it holds the expansion spring.
  • I wanted the mag to hold as much as i can so i made the spring external.
  • When the gun is fired, the bolt blows forward and clears a plug allowing air to flow though it in to the barrel.
  • Cost to build the bolt & barrel (excluding tools): $10 and i still have enough pipe to make 3 more.
  • Estimated cost to build the rest of the gun: $30 (would be cheaper if i used all PVC)
  •  Estimated cost to build the magazine: $10 + scrap sheets of 80 mil high-density polyethylene geomembrane
  •  The PVC i am using is rated at more than 2x the pressures i am using it for.

Check it out:

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