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Infamous Funny Picture Blend #542

Welcome to another one our no f*cks given picture blends. If you laugh or even chuckle, then you can consider yourself one of us. Enjoy the scroll blenders:

Let’s get this party started..

You think we have enough shots?

Decorations done right


Happy Hump Day

I hope it’s not packed with poop?

Click Bait Has Gotten Out Of Hand

Parenting Done Right

Well Gooood Morning


Why you never let Dad plan the family Christmas card

Yes Please

I swear Skip is high 24/7


It’s a steal for $30..count me in.

Nobody ever listens

Somebody save this child

So what did you learn at college this semester? – Parents

Umm..excuse me I think your butt is falling out



Gents have a blast today. The weekend is coming.

But it’s time for me to kick rocks. Catch you mañana

Carpe Diem