Fast Food In The Australian Outback Has A Very Different Meaning

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No Outback Steakhouse for these guys. Catching lunch in the Australian outback looks like a lot of work.

Info from uploader: 

“On my last hunting trip we ended up getting lucky with this big bugger on a late Monday afternoon, we tracked it down to find him going into its home in the ground. we then dug and followed its home all the way to where it was laying under the surface, then as you can see with my years of experience I pulled the animal out of the hole live. We then proceeded back to camp to prepare it with one of our traditional cooking methods. This animal is called a Goanna, others say and know it as Bungaras, it’s a native animal to Australia. Which we Aboriginals hunt and feed our family with from time to time. These native Austrailian goannas have been around for years. We Aboriginals have been hunting them for thousands of years, after this video ended we went and prepared it for dinner. Was not a let down.”