Fed Up Walmart Greeter Explodes On Customer!

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The customer is not always right BUT customer service isn’t for everybody…



Info from submitter:

“As me and my family were shopping for Christmas at Walmart, my boyfriend and I noticed a small crowd. There was a woman that was very upset about showing her receipt. She began to yell and scream at the older employee that asked to see it. The employee asked her to calm down and words were exchanged. The customer shoved her a little and threatened to beat her. After that the employee just exploded. Screaming at the top her lungs. The employee started to cry as she took her vest off. The local police are usually always on site at that Walmart simply because so much happens there. She was escorted out. She stated during the incident that she quit. Walmart gave a statement saying she was terminated. Either way, the employee no longer works there.”