Find Out What These 14 Viral Stars Are Doing Now



Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see what viral stars from the past are up to now.

Viral Stars Then And Now (
“Evolution of Dance” guy

Jason Laipply is now a  ‘inspirational commedian’


Viral Stars Then And Now (
“Numa Numa” singer

Gary Brolsma is currently a web designer


Viral Stars Then And Now (
“Hot mugshot guy”

Not only did he knock up a billionaire but former Crip, Jeremy Meeks, has a successful modeling career. In his case crime definitely paid off handsomely.


Viral Stars Then And Now (
“Alex From Target”

Alex went Viral while bagging items at Target in 2014. Since then he created a short-lived Youtube channel but currently is keeping low key and living a regular life.


Viral Stars Then And Now (
Hilarious Afro Ninja

The flip that made the world rofl. “Afro Ninja” is actually a stuntman who has worked on films including ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Ride Along’.


Viral Stars Then And Now (
“Gangnam Style” Pop Star

Psy is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and record producer. He has performed shows all over the world.


Viral Stars Then And Now (
The “I Like Turtles” Kid

Jonathon Ware went viral after he said he likes turtles while covered in zombie makeup during a news clip. We have no Idea what he’s doing now, but he does seem to like dogs too.


Viral Stars Then And Now (
“Friday” Singer

The so bad it might be good song – Friday, made Rebecca Black a household name. She is currently still a singer and touring with Man Man for some of their upcoming 2019 shows.


Viral Stars Then And Now (
“Linda, Honey” boy

Mateo Beltran was 3 years old when he tried convincing his mom to let him have a cupcake. That was back in 2014, and he’s 8 years old now. So he’s doing what 8 year-old kids do – basically nothing.



Viral Stars Then And Now (
The “hide your wife and kids” bed intruder dude

Antoine Dodson became huge on the web after his hilarious interview. His interview was turned into a song and he is currently pursuing more entertainment opportunities.


Viral Stars Then And Now (
“David After Dentist”

David Devore went viral after his hilarious video of him leaving the dentist was placed online. He’s currently a senior in high school preparing for college.


Viral Stars Then And Now (
“Chewbacca Mom”

Candace Payne became internet famous after posting a very enthusiastic review of a Chewbacca mask. She now has a t-shirt line and is also a singer.


Viral Stars Then And Now (
“Leave Britney Alone” guy

Since his breakdown video telling everyone to leave poor Britney Spears alone back in 2007, Chris Crocker has become an internet personality… and a porn star.


Viral Stars Then And Now (
“Charlie bit my finger” brothers

Harry, 15, and Charlie, 13 live at home with their parents and attend a private school that’s paid for from the nearly £1 million revenue from the 2007 video generated. The brothers have made tv appearances and starred in advertisements following their internet fame.

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