Floyd Mayweather Claims Conor McGregor Is Blowing Smoke and Vows to Slap the Sh** out of Him!

Floyd Mayweather Discusses Conor Mcgregor


We have all heard the chit chat about Conor McGregor taking on undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. But it has been all media gossip with no real evidence. Things changed recently when Conor got a boxing license in the state of California. However, it seems like that may have just been a publicity stunt according to Mayweather:

Yeah, I don’t fight in California. What did he get a license in California for?

I’m gonna tell you like this. He’s blowing smoke up everybody’s ass. He don’t really wanna fight because I went to his boss and I’m gonna tell everybody and I’m gonna came and break it to you. He don’t really want to fight, he’s just wanted to keep himself good, keep his name alive, you know what I’m saying? To stay relevant. He don’t really wanna fight. He’s doing that to build his followers. He’s smart

Listen below:

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