Forecast Calls For A Heatwave With These News Anchor Babes

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We understand you have to look presentable to be a TV news anchor but we can’t take our eyes off of these stunningly sexy new anchors



Veronica Pliego



We don’t know what she reports on but who care when you can stare at this sexy Latina.


Gigi Stone


gigi-stone-hot picture1


Gigi has been an anchor woman on NY local stations and Good Morning America for years and she still looks just as great as the day she started.



Jill Nicolini



Jill went from cheerleader to delivery traffic reports for WCBS.



Susan Li



Susan Li dishes up the financial news on Squawk Box.


Jenna Lee



All american girl Jenna Lee is an anchor on Fox News.



Robin Meade



Robin Meade is sweet as Georgia pie and you catch her daily on CNN.




Tomi Lahren



Tomi Lahren has made a big splash with her election reporting for Fox News.