Frightening Moment A Woman Films Man Breaking Into Her Apartment (Video)

Hannah Viverette is opening up about a stalking incident captured on TikTok.

In the video, Viverette, who lives in Maryland, was in the middle of recording a video dancing when an intruder climbed into her second-floor balcony and opened her apartment door.

In a subsequent Facebook post, Viverette said she was home alone around 10:20pm, listening to music and dancing, when she heard her balcony door “begin to open.”

“Startled, I immediately moved towards the door to close it, only to realize there was a man behind the force.”

Viverette said she saw the man—identified as 36-year-old Angel Moises Rodriguez-Gomez—around her apartment building but never spoke to him. She said he previously made her feel uncomfortable.

Police arrested Rodriguez-Gomez, but he was released on bail on Nov. 25, Heavy reports.

“A man that has made a point to watch me and make many uncomfortable advances at me from a distance, for months now,” Viverette wrote. “I knew he was there to harm me. He kept his hands in the pockets of his hoodie with a smirk on his face.”

In the video, Viverette repeatedly asks, “Who are you?” and says, “Please get out!” She then grabs her phone, runs to the front door, and turns the camera toward her balcony. The man begins to retreat, shuts the door, and Viverette is let into a neighbor’s apartment, where she said she called 911.

According to Viverette, the intruder admitted to climbing up to her balcony. She said Rodriguez-Gomez told officers that he was invited up.