From Anorexic To Gluttony. Watch This Chick Eat A Cake Big Enough For 40 People!


Nothing weird about this at all. It’s my typical Friday night activity.

A recovering anorexic has celebrated her recovery by taking on a chocolate cake food challenge – with a dessert that serves 40 people. Izzy Kirkman, 23, filmed herself eating the mammoth 11,000 calorie pudding – which is suggested to serve 40 people – over four hours to show the physical and mental effects such a binge has on the body. The personal trainer, who is originally from Surrey but now lives in Birkenhead, Merseyside, suffered from anorexia for five years but has been in recovery for the last four years. Izzy, who cites pop singer Demi Lovato as her inspiration for overcoming the disorder, said: “The chocolate cake food challenge video was a spontaneous decision.