Stripped Of The Glitter and Glam. Hilarious Celebrity Photoshop!

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Funny Zooey Deschanel

Imagine if Jennifer Aniston gained a good 30lb and shopped at Walmart? What if Chris Brown wore suits off the rack and wasn’t a pop star? Kim and Kanye taking glamour shots in the mall? Let your imagination run wild in this gallery of funny celebrity photoshop pictures. Below you will find some of the biggest name in entertainment stripped of all their glitz and glamour. Check out a re-imagining of what your favorite stars would look like without the trainers, staff, and money.

Funny Chris Brown

Funny John Travolta

Funny Cameron Diaz

Funny William and Kate - Royals

Funny Rihanna

Funny Tom Cruise and Leonardo Dicaprio

Funny Jay-Z and Beyonce

Funny Jennifer Lopez

Funny Tom Cruise

Funny Olsen Twins photo

Funny Brad Pitt and Funny Johnny Depp pic

funny Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton picture

funny picture of Madonna and Lady Gaga

Funny Miley Cyrus

Funny Gwyneth Paltrow picture

Funny Jennifer Aniston

Funny Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Hilarious Donald Trump Picture