Have you ever said to yourself – “I want to have a nest like those birds in that tree over there”? No, oh well someone did. The OGE Creative Group designed this Giant Birds nest in various sizes; from a small and cozy nest for 2-3 people up to a 4.50 m diameter big version which can host up to 16 people. This piece of furniture is for the bird in us all. Or if you want to channel your inner Lady Gaga because this is the sort of thing I imagine being in her bedroom. Check it out below:

giant-birds-nest-by-oge-creative-group-8 giant-birds-nest-by-oge-creative-group-7 giant-birds-nest-by-oge-creative-group-6 giant-birds-nest-by-oge-creative-group-4 giant-birds-nest-by-oge-creative-group-3 giant-birds-nest-by-oge-creative-group-2 giant-birds-nest-by-oge-creative-group-1

In case your wondering the nest is made of lacquered wooden panels. The inside features a slanted foam-padded wooden back wall covered with cotton-lycra fabric. Also you don’t have to worry about those eggs hatching because they are just egg-shaped ‘poofs’. Near frictionless beads and cotton-lycra fabric combine to mold to your body, providing an elastic, form-fitting feel. Covers come in a wide variety of patterns and colours. Besides if they did hatch you would have a Jurassic Park sized problem on your hand which would not be good for their  product reviews.