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Get Some Measure Of Revenge On Your Ex By Walking On Their Face.



How petty are you? Enough to shell out a couple of bucks so you can walk on your ex’s face? If so then step right up.



For Valentine’s Day 2018 Bompas & Parr presents the ultimate opportunity to get your own back on your ex, unrequited loves and the cruellest of heartbreakers and symbolically walk all over them.

Inspired by artefacts on display in the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, the anti-Valentine’s Day insoles are designed as a cathartic and cleansing mechanic to help cultivate emotional closure following the end of tumultuous relationships.

The Petrie’s collection includes two sandals, each boasting an image of a pink naked bearded enemy. Amid an Ancient Egyptian culture that was heavily preoccupied by superstition, the placement of a symbol of your enemy on the soles of your shoes represented a means to metaphorically subjugate and demean your enemy by literally treading them underfoot.



moving on has never felt so comfortable….