Getting Pulled Over By A Fake Cop (Video)


Impersonating a cop is a serious offense. It puts the public at risk and also ruins faith in actual law enforcement officers. All that aside the punishment for impersonating a police officer can include: Imprisonment up to five years (sometimes more) Fines (usually $1000 or more) plus a Felony on your record forever. The idiot in this video is in for a rude awakening when real officers show up at his door.

Uploader info:

“When he lit me up with reds and blues, I genuinely thought I’d done something wrong. Then I noticed the license plate was wrong and the driver wasn’t acting like a cop pulling me over. I fled, he followed, I called police. He gets out of his car at a stop sign with “the club” and comes up to my window. He may have seen me reaching for my firearm. He walks briskly back to his car and then tries to flee. I do my best to delay him so the State Trooper can get there. It *almost* works. He drives right in front of the Trooper but can’t be caught in time. I went to the State Police barracks and made a full report, including the raw video.”